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Added below are more books that came to my attention after the original mailing, and a list of Author Email addresses is at the bottom for your ordering convenience. Additions are in GREEN print.
"Christmas Shopping 2014"

Hello all,
When you're trying to decide what to buy for "Old Captain What's His Name" for Christmas, ask him to select two or three books from this great list of BOOKS BY DELTA PILOT AUTHORS below,
books that he would really like to read and have in his collection. You can find these at or, or preferably purchase them directly from the authors listed. 
You can have the author dedicate the book exactly as you wish when you buy it directly from them. 
You may want to forward this list to your children and grand-children too.

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Dave Roberts


This is the 2014 VERSION of a growing list of Delta Pilot Authors and their published works, Books About Delta Air Lines, Inc., and Books by Delta Pilot's Family Members. The newest books, those published in (2012 & later or those new to this list), have the copyright date in BOLD RED FONT.
This list is a work in progress and your help is needed to add to these 65 published pilot authors and 14 family member authors. Please send me the names of other Delta Pilots, or their family members, who have authored and published books along with the titles of their books.

Many of you receiving this are serious readers, and we like to know about Delta pilots who have written books. You, more than anyone else, should know of other Delta Pilot authors who should be listed here.

Please send additions, and please make suggestions to improve this list. I will update it ASAP and annually.
Thanks, Dave



Anderson, John Aubrey Black or White, (Broadman and Holman, 2005, 331 pages.)
Anderson, John Aubrey Abiding Darkness, The Black or White Chronicles Book One (2006) Warner Faith
Anderson, John Aubrey Book Two Wedgewood Grey (2007)
Anderson, John Aubrey Book Three And If I Die (2007)
Anderson, John Aubrey The Cool Woman (2010)

Barr, James C. Airborne Weather Radar-A User's Guide Iowa State University Press(1993)

Bauer, Jack & Janis Western Airlines, A Pictorial History of Western Airlines and Inflight (1986) 216 pages. <>

Bennett, Paul W. FLYING -- A Look Back (1999), Hardback--stories about C&S and Delta.

Blizzard, Dick An Eruption of Decadence (2006), / 
Blizzard, Dick A Way Yonder (2014}

Brantner, Robert M. My Year as an Alaskan Bush Pilot (2003) http://www.bobbrantner.coml

Bullock, Ramond H. (WAL) Airline Piloting (Published by The World press, inc, 1947) 163 pages

Butcher, D. Allen Sixty Years in the 20th Century: A Pilots Memoir (2012)

Couch, Tony "WATERCOLOR: You Can Do It!" (1987) "How to" Watercolor instruction book 
Couch, Tony "Tony Couch's Keys to Successful Painting" (1992) Instruction book on design for painters

Cowee, Bruce T. editor -- Vietnam to Western Airlines: An Oral History fo the Air War (2013) Over 30 pilots of the air war became Western pilots; these are their stories.

Crum, John "Unfriendly Skies" by Capt "X" and Reynolds Dodson (1989)

Diller, Richard Firefly, A Skyraider's Story of America's Secret War Over Laos (2013)

Dunn, Mike Sidewinder (1991)
Dunn, Mike Task Force (1992)
Dunn, Mike Quicksilver (1993)
Dunn, Mike Bridge of No Return (1996)

Entrekin, Paul T. Mighty Hands: Victory over Adversity througth the Grace of God (2011)
Entrekin, Paul T. Mr. MiG: and the Real Story of the First Migs in America (2012)

Fay, Gerald W. From A-3 to A-10 (1988)

Ferrell, Mallory Hope (Over 150 Links for "Mallory Hope Ferrell" at

  Rails Sagebrush & Pine (1967, 1968, 1970)
  The 1871 Grant Locomotive (Limited Edition 1971)
  Silver San Juan...The Rio Grande Southern (1973, 1975)
  The Gilpin Gold Tram...Colorado's Unique Narrow Gauge (1970, 1992,1998)
  Tweetsie Country (1979, 1991)  
  Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge (1981)
  West Side...Narrow Gauge in the Sierra (1979, 1992)
  Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge (1982)
  Utah & Northern (Colo.Rail Annual) (1981)
  El Dorado Narrow Gauge (1990)
  Argent...Last of the Swamp Rats ((1994)
  Colorful East Broad Top (1993)
  Virginia & Truckee...The Bonanza Road (1999
  West Side Pictorial (2000)
  The South Park Line (2003)
  Slow Trains Down South, Vol. I (2005)
  Slow Trains Down South, Vol.II (2006)
  Norfolk & Western...Steam's Last Stand (2007)
  Narrow Gauge Country (2006)
  Nevada Central...Sagebrush Narrow Gauge (2010)  

Fix, Mitchell Blame it on Adam (2006)

Gallimore, Max From Here to Caprock (2009)

Gandt, Robert L. China Clipper: The Age of the Great Flying Boats (1991)
Gandt, Robert L. Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am (1995)
Gandt, Robert L. Bogeys and Bandits: The making of a Fighter Pilot (1997)
Gandt, Robert L. Fly Low Fly Fast: Inside the Reno Air Races (1999)
Gandt, Robert L. With Hostile Intent (2001)
Gandt, Robert L. Acts of Vengeance (2002)
Gandt, Robert L. Black Star (2003)
Gandt, Robert L. Shadows of War (2004)
Gandt, Robert L. The Killing Skies (2005)
Gandt, Robert L. Black Star Rising (2007)
Gandt, Robert L. Intrepid: The Epic Story of America's Most Legendary Warship... (2008)
Gandt, Robert L. The Twilight Warriors (2011)
Gandt, Robert L. The Presidents Pilot (2014)

Garrison, Kevin Clear Left, I'll Have the Chicken (An Airline Captain Looks at Life) (2006)
Garrison, Kevin So You're Dead -- A Novice's Guide to Non-Being (2011) (an E-book)
Garrison, Kevin The CEO of the Cockpit (2009)

Gravino, Nicholas A Pilot's Memoirs-From the Ground Up (2008)  
Gravino, Nicholas The Adventures of Beppo The Italian Elf (2010)

Gray, Steven R. Rampant Raider: An A-4 Skyhawk Pilot in Vietnam (2007)

Hopkins, Kendall, et al. WE PUSHED THE LIMITS – Reflections of Five Old Fighter Pilots (2005)

Hurley, C. D. "REVERIE" A Kaleidoscope of the Prose and Poetry in My Life (2004)
Hurley, C. D. POT O' GOLD, Prose, Poetry and A Tale O'thu Sea (2005)
Hurley, C. D. Squirrels And Quasars & Stuff (2007)

Ippolito, William Leaving on a Jet Plane (2002)

Jones, Bob (writing as Harrison Jones) Equal Time Point (2009)
Jones, Bob (writing as Harrison Jones) Shadow Flight (2011)

Kerschner, Bill and Phyllis Plucky-Lucky Duck's Amazing Adventure, [Vantage Press, 2007)

Knight, Bliss Air Affair (2008)

Knott, Ron Trophies of Heaven (1995)
Knott, Ron God's Guarantees for Giving (2002)
Knott, Ron Testimonies For the Soul (2007)
Knott, Ron Supersonic Cowboys (2009)

Koehn II, James J. and Werkema, Mark A. The Flight Before Christmas (2003)

Lawson, Archie B. View From the Cockpit: Looking Up (2004)

Lenker, Karl Final Trumpet (2008)

Mauldin, Bill State Troopers of America (2006)

McGinnis, Daryle D. Stewardess Stories (2006)
McGinnis, Daryle D. The Skybrokers (2007)
McGinnis, Daryle D. A Waterfall in a War (2007)
McGinnis, Daryle D. And Then They Had A War (2008)

McGregor, Kevin A. Flight of Gold (2013)

Morgan, Rick The Youth Sports Leadership Development Manual: Six Essential Leadership Lessons You Can Teach Your Child with Any Sport (2012)  
  [Rick is a SLC pilot and the son of retired DL MIA-ATL Captain John Morgan.]

Morris, Gregory L. Candlestick Charting Explained (1992,1995)

Mudge, Robert W. Meteorology for Pilots (1945)
Mudge, Robert W. Adventures of a Yellow Bird (1969), Hard back. A Northeast Airline History

Norris, Robert The Barrett Solution~ ~

Papadakis, Myron P. Aircraft Accident Reconstruction and Litigation 1st ed (1996)- 623 pages
Papadakis, Myron P. Aircraft Accident Reconstruction and Litigation 2nd ed (2000)
Papadakis, Myron P. Civil Trial Practice - Winning Technigues 792 pages (2000)
Papadakis, Myron P. Aircraft Accident Reconstruction and Litigation 3rd edition (2003)
Papadakis, Myron P. Aircraft Accident Reconstruction and LItigation 4th edition (2011)
Patterson, Robert 'Buzz' Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Endangered America's Long-Term National Security (2003)
Patterson, Robert 'Buzz' Reckless Disregard: How Liberal Democrats Undermine Our Military, Endanger Our Soldiers. and Jeopardize Our National Security (2004)
Patterson, Robert 'Buzz' War Crimes: The Left's Campaign to Destroy the Military and Lose the War on Terror (2007)
Patterson, Robert 'Buzz' Conduct Unbecoming: How Barack Obama is Destroying the Military and Endangering Our Security (2010)

Prouse, Lyle, (NWA) -- Final Approach: Northwest Airlines Flight 650 Tragedy and Triumph (2011)

Quilter, Charles J., U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991: With the I Marine Expeditionary Force in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Washington: Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps, History and Museums Division, GPO, (1993).
Quilter, Charles J. and John Chapin, A History of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531. Washington: Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps, History and Museums Division, GPO, (2001).

Rosenkranz, Keith Vipers In The Storm: Diary of a Gulf War Fighter Pilot (2002)

Ryder, Nicholas G. Ryder's Standard Geographic Reference, a satellite photo atlas of America (1982)

Saux, Jack Clueless in New Orleans, Adventures in Adolescence (2011)
Saux, Jack The Pilot and the Fairy Princess (2011) An E-book
Saux, Jack The Lamp (2014)
Saux, Jack Act of Faith (2014) An E-book.

Schwab, Allen High Performance IFR Flying (1982)

Severe, Errol The Last of a Breed. (1997). 

Shelfer, Bennett Drawing Dead (2012)

Shettle, M.L. Jr. UNITED STATES NAVAL AIR STATIONS OF WORLD WAR II - Volume 1 Eastern States, Schaertel Publishing, 2000, many photos, 241 pgs.
Shettle, M.L. Jr. UNITED STATES NAVAL AIR STATIONS OF WORLD WAR II - Volume 2 Western States Schaertel Publishing, 1997, many photos, 284 pgs.
Shettle, M.L. Jr. UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS AIR STATIONS OF WORLD WAR II, self-published, 2001, photos & history of each Marine Corps air station, 22 in all, many photos, 179 pgs.
Shettle, M.L. Jr. Georgia's Army Air Fields of WW II - 140 pages, 213 photos. self-published. (2005)
Shettle, M.L. Jr. Dixie Airways -- Part One (2013)

Solohub, Roman T. Clear Thinking When Drinking: The Handbook for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (2007)

Stannard, Louis China Diaries. (2004)

Steinke, Buck Black Eagle Force: Sacred Mountain (2011)
Steinke, Buck Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm (2012)
Steinke, Buck The Nations (2012)
Steinke, Buck Return of the Starfighter (2012)

Sternstein, Ed From Takeoff to Landing (Everything You Want to Know About Flying but Have No One to Ask) (1991) 

Stevens, Robert W. Alaskan Aviation History (Vol. I: 1897-1928)
Stevens, Robert W. Alaskan Aviation History (Vol. II: 1929-1930)

Taylor, Steve Wheels Up, Skyjinks in the Jet Age (2014)

Thomas, Rodger Cyclone (2014) [Rodger Thomas is the pen name of retired Delta Captain Roger Horrell.]

Trahan, Mike The Gift (2013)
Trahan, Mike The Gift Part Two - The Air Force Years (2013)

Tripp, Bob Last Clear Chance (2008)

Vance, Hobey Battle at Prostate Ridge (2012)

Vander Ende, Dirk Sting of Justice by Dirk Gerrit (pen name) (2005)

Vihlen, Hugo April Fool: Or, How I sailed from Casablanca to Florida in a six-foot boat (1971)
Vihlen, Hugo The Stormy Voyage of Father's Day (1997)

Werkema, Mark A. On Fulcrum's Wings (2000)
Werkema, Mark A. and Koehn II, James J. The Flight Before Christmas (2003)

Whitcomb, Darrel D. The Rescue of Bat 21 (1998)
Whitcomb, Darrel D. Combat Search and Rescue in Desert Storm (2006)

Whitten, Louis G. Whitten's Flying Fables: How Not to Fly or How to Crash or How Not to Crash (1994).



Delta: The History of an Airline, by W. David Lewis and Wesley Phillips Newton (1979) A pictorial history.

Delta Air Lines: Debunking the Myth, by Sidney F. Davis (1989)

DELTA: The Illustrated History of A Major U.S. Airline And The People Who Made It, by R.E.G. Davies (1990)

Delta Air Lines, by Geoff Jones (1998)

Delta Air Lines: 75 Years of Airline Excellence (Images of America), by Geoff Jones (2003)

Airline Without A Pilot - Leadership Lessons / Inside Story of Delta's Success, Decline and Bankruptcy, by Harry L. Nolan (2005)

The Skies Belong to US -- by Brendan I. Koerner (2013) The highjacking of Western 701 in 1972.



Arndt, Joan L. -- Wife of retired Delta Captain Roger Arndt
  Italian Lessons (2008)

Carson, Shelley H. PhD, Department of Psychology, Harvard University -- Wife of retired Delta Captain David Carson and former Delta F/A.
  Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.(2010)

Carson, Nacie -- Daughter of retired Delta Captain David Carson
  The Finch Effect: The Five Strategies to Adapt and Thrive in Your Working Life. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.(2012)

Crawford, James -- Grandson of retired Delta Captain Norman Topshe
  The Age of the Aviator (2006)

Dearie, John -- Son of retired Delta Captain John Dearie -- and co-author Courtney Geduldig.
  Where the Jobs Are: Entrepreneurship and the Soul of the American Economy (2013)

Gardner, Marty -- Wife of retired Delta Captain Jim Gardner
  Loving Wings (2009)

Godfrey, Jo Ann -- former wife of retired MSY Captain Preston Peaden and retired Delta F/A.
  "From Hurricane Katrina to the Middle East: A True Love Story...With Life Lessons Learned" (2010)

Henderson, David -- Son of retired Delta Captain Parker Henderson
  Sunshine Skies: Historic Commuter Airlines of Florida & Georgia (2008)

Hill, Kathryn -- Wife of retired Delta Captain Charlie Hill.
  “ Express Malice” (2013)

Irwin, Tim, Ph.D. -- Son of the late retired Captain Jim Irwin
  Derailed: Five Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures or Leadership (2009)

Porter, Rev Frieda N. 'Fritz' -- Wife of retired Delta Captain David Porter
  On the Brink of the Rapture (2010)
Shreve, Anita -- Daughter of the late retired NE/DL Captain Richard H. Shreve.


  Past the Island, Drifting (1975)
  Eden Close (1989)
  Strange Fits of Passion (1991)
  Where or When (1993)
  Resistance (1995)
  The Weight of Water (1997) (Shortlisted for the 1998 Orange Prize)
  The Pilot's Wife (1998)
  Fortune's Rocks (1999)
  The Last Time They Met (2001)
  Sea Glass (2002)
  All He Ever Wanted (2003)
  Light on Snow (2004)
  A Wedding in December (2005)
  Body Surfing (2007)
  Testimony (2008)
  A Change in Altitude (2009)
  Rescue (2010)
  Stella Bain (2013) 


  Remaking Motherhood: How Working Mothers are Shaping our Children's Future (1987)
  Women Together, Women Alone: The Legacy of the Consciousness-Raising Movement (1989) 

Walsh, Darlene -- Wife of retired Delta Captain J. D. 'Denny' Walsh
  Roswell, A Pictorial History (1985) [about Roswell, Georgia]
  Providence - Selected Correspondence of George Hull Camp (2008)

Webster, Anne -- wife of retired Delta Captain Larry Webster.
  A History of Nursing, released by Kennesaw State University Press (2008) http:///



Anderson John Aubrey <>
Bauer Jack <>
Blizzard Richard <>
Bowlin Ed and Connie <>
Brantner Bob <> (Furloughed)
Butcher Allen <>
Couch Tony <>
Cowee Bruce <>
Diller Richard <>
Ferrell Mallory <>
Fix Mitchell <> (NW)
Gallimore Max <>
Gandt Bob <>
Garrison Kevin <>
Gravino Nicholas Jr. <>
Gray Steve <>
Hill Kathryn <>
Hopkins Kendall <>
Horrell Roger <> (writing as Rodger Thomas)
Hurley C. Dan <>
Ippolito William <>
Irwin Tim <>
Kerschner W.F. Bill <>
Knight Bliss <>
Knott Ron <>
Lawson Archie <>
Lenker Karl <>
Mauldin William <>
McGinnis Daryle D. <>
McGregor Kevin <>
Nolan Harry L. Jr. <>
Papadakis M.P. Pappy <>
Patterson Buzz <>
Porter Rev. Frieda N. Fritz <>
Quilter Charles <>
Rosenkranz Keith<>
Ryder Nick <>
Saux Jack <> (504.782.7211)
Severe Errol <>
Shettle MeI <>
Shreve Anita <>
Shreve Anita <>
Solohub Roman T. <>
Stannard Louis <>
Sternstein Ed <> (GM Pilot Tng)
Taylor Steve <>
Thomas Rodger <> (aka Roger Horrell)
Trahan Michael F. Mike <>
Tripp Bob <>
Vance Hobey <>
Vander Ende Dirk <>
Vihlen Hugo <>
Walsh Darlene <>
Whitcomb Darrel <> ​




Many of the members of this email network are serious readers, and we like to know about Delta pilots who have written books. And you should know of other Delta Pilot authors more than anyone else.

Please send additions, and please make suggestions to improve this list. I will update it periodically.


Dave Roberts

 For all retired DL Pilots, their widows, and families.



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