Retired Delta Pilot Network

Thanks for sending the information about this death.  Once you complete this form it will be forwarded to me. I will provide the members of the Retired Pilots Communications Net (NET) information concerning this death and the funeral services.  Some of this you may have provided already so please ignore those items.  You can put your answers after each question in the space between each number below.  After you complete the form, click on the "Submit" button on the right side of this page and all information will be automatically forwarded to me.


I would like to know if the deceased was a Delta Pilot.  If not, the deceased's occupation.  

1.  The deceased's full name and nickname.

2.  Date of birth

3.  Date of death.

4.  Age at death.

5.  Cause of death.

6.  Spouse's name, address, telephone number and email address. (For cards or other expressions of sympathy)

7.  Whether he/she was originally with Delta or came from a merged airline(s)

8.  Where he/she was based during their airline career.

9.  Was the deceased an active or retired employee.

10.  The city and name of the newspaper printing the obituary and/or news article.

I provide this information to the NET, to the MEC & LEC, to Delta through the ATL Chief Pilots Office, and to ALPA, for their data base and for the Air Line Pilot magazine's 'In Memoriam' column.  I ask for the email address of the spouse to send her an email introduction to the other 90+ Delta Widows on the NET.  (So far, no deaths of female pilots, so no widowers).  Several of them have lost husbands in the last year but all can answer most of the questions the new widow will have, and they are a great support group for each other.  Please tell the widow that this support group exists and encourage her to share her email address with me so I can make her aware of the other Delta widows.  It's a good time for her to receive information from the NET also as things change when the sponsor passes away relevant to passes, non-dependent children, benefits, DeltaNet, etc.

If the deceased is a SPOUSE or CHILD of a pilot, I need most of the same items as for the pilot but with the deceased person's family mailing address for sympathy cards.

I appreciate your concern and your help at this sad time.